What is the Most Meaningful Thing You Would Like to Do on Your Bucket List?

Dreaming about all the things you'd like to do in life is a great way to get motivated and inspired. But, writing them down on a wish list makes you accountable and responsible for achieving them. A wish list can include anything from traveling to exotic places, trying new activities, learning a new skill, achieving a personal goal, and giving back to others. It can also include big achievements, small pleasures in life, and everything in between.

One of the best life experiences on the wish list is to visit all 7 continents. You can also enjoy a variety of fun activities in lush jungles, such as canoeing, zip line climbing, mountain biking and more. Another unique place to add to your bucket list is the Dead Sea located in Israel and Jordan. Creating passive income will give you more time to realize your other wish list ideas.

This could be through a travel blog, affiliate marketing, rental income, or investment income. Additionally, doing 365 random acts of kindness in a year is an amazing way to give back to others and make a difference in the world. Good goals of a wish list will help you thrive as a human being and won't be limited to empty trips or a ticking box exercise. Even if you don't like to drink wine, this is one of the examples on the wish list that everyone should experience.

And don't forget about your hometown - enjoying it even if it's not on most people's wish lists. Finally, helping a homeless person get off the streets for good or buying them a meal are two great ways to give back. So, make sure to include these meaningful items on your bucket list!.

Randall Pieroni
Randall Pieroni

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