101 Unique Bucket List Ideas to Inspire Your Dreams

Have you ever felt that your dreams are in the background? If so, it's time to bring them to the forefront and create a bucket list of all the things you want to do in life. From visiting all 7 continents to staying in a hotel sculpted in ice, this list of 101 unique bucket list ideas will help you get started. Creating a wish list is a great way to make sure your dreams don't stay in the background. Hang this printable on your fridge (or put it in your diary) for easy access to all the things you're hoping to do.

Be sure to include fun, weird and unusual things, as well as more well-known items on the wish list, such as visiting all 7 continents. The best wish lists you often see on the Internet are full of clichés, so I've done everything I could to create a list of specific, definitive experiences worthy of a wish list. Located in Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea is one of the most unique places on Earth and undoubtedly deserves a place on your bucket list. Even if you don't like to drink wine, this is one of the examples on the wish list that everyone should experience. For this bucket list idea, I was going to write “Swim in the Dead Sea”, but I quickly realized that you don't need to swim to stay afloat here.

My book, Practical Dreamer, helps you apply a ready-to-use six-week Sprint framework to any wish list item that seems too big to achieve on its own. Bucket List Journey gives everyone in the world the tools and inspiration to live their wish list, one checkmark at a time, founded by Annette White. Therefore, a wish list includes all the different things you want to do before you die, including dreams, goals, and adventures. If you've dreamt of going to Paris, think about the things you'd like to do there and make those items on your wish list instead. It's one thing to dream about everything I'd like to do, but writing things down on the wish list makes me responsible.

Even if you don't like big cities, it's worth including these global cities in your wish list. Stay in a hotel completely sculpted in ice with views of the Northern Lights and you'll see why this is one of the best ideas for travelers who want to visit on their wish list. I (for one) love enjoying my hometown, Boston, even if it's not on most people's wish lists. If you've been thinking about making a wish list but need help getting started, here are 101 unique bucket list ideas that will inspire you to dream again.

Randall Pieroni
Randall Pieroni

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