Creating a Bucket List for Girls: 200 Ideas to Inspire You

We all have a list of places we've wanted to visit for years. Going back to our childhood, we can remember the things that excited us. Whether it was wanting to be a princess, drive a spaceship, or go to Middle Earth, these dreams can be translated into more achievable goals such as visiting a luxury resort, going to a space simulator, or traveling to New Zealand. One of the most popular items on bucket lists is swimming with dolphins.

This is because dolphins are truly incredible creatures and it's an experience that should not be missed. If you want to help Peruvians make jewelry, bathe elephants, or attend a kung-fu school, you can do that too! Our partners offer these experiences and more. If you're stuck for ideas, you can check out our professional breaks on our website. Other sources of inspiration include magazines, your favorite Facebook pages or groups, and the hashtags #wishlist on Instagram or Pinterest.

Creating a wish list isn't just about jotting down ideas based on other people's dreams and achievements. It's about making your list more manageable when creating it and achieving what it contains. You can also create mini-lists for goals to be achieved before reaching a certain age or for a specific season such as summer. If you have so many goals that it seems like you'll need several lifetimes to achieve them all, it's a good idea to format your list.

Making your wish list shouldn't be a quick five-minute activity where you scribble some ideas on a piece of paper. For example, you can dedicate one list to ideas for travel, another to adventures and luxury experiences, another for family or friends, and another for goals for the home. The following collection of ideas is meant to be a starting point so you don't have to feel intimidated looking at a blank sheet of paper while creating your list of things you want to try yet. Focus on the joy of living as you review the 200 ideas in the Life List below.

Making a wish list can help you prioritize your hopes and dreams and focus on making them a reality. A wish list is a list of things you want to do before you beat yourself up.

Randall Pieroni
Randall Pieroni

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